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Carquest Brake System


Carquest Brake System


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Brake System

Friction (Brake Pads & Shoes)

Carquest specializes in application-specific formulas to ensure proper form, fit and function. Carquest Brake Friction products are produced in facilities where only the highest-quality specifications, as prescribed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), are met. This certification is required of every company that supplies OE manufacturers.

In addition, Carquest brake pads include shims, slots, chamfers and abutment clips where specified by the original equipment manufacturers. So whatever came on the vehicle – ceramic, semi-metallic, low-metallic or non-asbestos organic (NAO) – Carquest always has the right replacement for the customer's needs.


Carquest uses only OE-quality rubber dust boots and seals that meet stringent Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) performance specifications. An exclusive coating of rust and corrosion preventative is used on every unit to assure long service life. And to save time, Carquest Loaded Calipers are supplied with premium-grade brake pads, layered shims and all the necessary installation hardware. In addition, Carquest Calipers come with hard-to-find mounting brackets for proper fit, something that our competitors often overlook. Friction-ready calipers feature the same exclusive benefits as the loaded units, except the customer now also has the option of selecting the brake pads from Carquest's broad premium offering.

Drums & Rotors

Carquest Drums and Rotors are engineered for superior performance matching the vehicle's original equipment. Providing full-line coverage and great value, Carquest Brake Rotors are ready to install right out the box without resurfacing. Premium OE-matched features like finish, metallurgy and cooling vane configurations assure cool, quiet and safe braking. Exacting tolerances on parallelism and lateral run-out guarantee no pedal pulsation. In order to solve the many issues associated with composite rotors, Carquest's approach is to provide equal-to or better-than-OE cast iron products for many applications.

Master Cylinders

Carquest Master Cylinders are assembled with quality components that resist corrosion, contamination and wear, and are 100% computer tested for durability and reliability. With a majority of vehicles now being produced using aluminum master cylinders, close adherence to exact form, fit and function is critical to providing your customers with the premium quality brake products they demand.

Power Brake Boosters

Carquest Power Brake Boosters feature only OE-quality seals, diaphragms and mounting hardware in a premium remanufactured unit. To ensure no leakage, all booster housings are fully inspected, specially coated for corrosion resistance and 100% vacuum-tested before getting the Carquest label.

Wheel Cylinders

Carquest provides vehicle-specific, OE-quality wheel cylinders designed to assure proper fit, installation and safety. They are built for long service life and feature the highest-quality rubber components for superior resistance to heat, contamination and leakage. Bore finishes are machined to exacting RA specifications. Bleeder screws are hardened and zinc dichromate-coated to resist rust and corrosion.

Brake Hoses & Lines

Carquest Brake Hoses are the choice of professional technicians because they offer OE performance, easy installation and longer service life. They include all of the key features like high-technology rubber composition, brackets, grommets, molded plastic guards or wire clips as required for proper installation. They also use brass double-crimped fittings and washers for a consistent hydraulic seal. Carquest Brake Hoses meet or exceed all current federal standards for construction, durability and safety.


Carquest Brake Hardware is manufactured to precise specifications, dimensions and functionality. Whether the need is for a complete combination kit, star adjustor, or just a clip or spring, Carquest uses only premium materials to produce brake hardware. Carquest's commitment to quality assures a safe, reliable, smooth-operating, quiet and completely restored brake system.

ABS Components

Carquest provides a full line of quality ABS components. Whether the system is integral (master cylinder and booster combined) or nonintegral (master cylinder and booster separate), premium OE-quality units are available for many vehicle makes and models. In addition, there is extensive coverage available on the most commonly replaced components – wheel speed sensors and pulse rings.

Brake Fluid

New vehicle manufacturers recommend specific replacement brake fluids that meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) to ensure compatibility with OE hydraulic systems. Carquest premium brake fluids are specially formulated with rust and corrosion inhibitors to meet and exceed those standards, maximizing life cycles and performance at high temperatures. Carquest Brake Fluid meets or exceeds all DOT specifications for performance and fluid boiling points. Carquest DOT 3 and DOT 4 Brake Fluids are perfect for most passenger cars, light trucks and heavy-duty applications.

Bearings, Seals & Hub Assemblies

Carquest Wheel Bearings and Seals offer extensive coverage in antifriction products for every automotive and heavy-duty wheel configuration. More vehicles today are equipped with unitized hub assemblies. High-quality Carquest assemblies meet OE specifications and designs for all vehicles, including newer ABS applications. They all feature proprietary technical advancements providing solutions for even the most demanding environments and uses.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

There are a number of advantages to Carquest';s new TPMS program over any other on the market. All sensors, service kits, assortments and tools are sourced through a number of OE suppliers and combined into one catalog. This strategy assures that Carquest can deliver the most competitive combination of price and coverage. It is also clear that training on TPMS is critical to providing solutions to the professional technician and service provider. Carquest Technical Institute (CTI) offers world-class training for professional technicians.

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