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Electrical & Vision Systems

Battery & Battery Accessories

Carquest’s batteries for passenger cars, light trucks and vans are made with the highest-quality workmanship and materials. They meet or exceed all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements, provide more cranking power for the highest performance and feature extra reserve capacity for accessories and electronic equipment.

Carquest’s product line covers virtually every vehicle year, make and model in terms of components and capacities. The most popular sizes and applications are made with state-of-the-art, maintenance-free calcium alloys for the longest life and highest performance possible.

Carquest full-line coverage also means batteries for marine, RV, heavy-duty, farm, lawn and garden, and power sports equipment. Accessories including cables, terminals, trays, protectors, tools and connectors complement Carquest’s total system approach to almost any battery program.

Starters and Alternators

Carquest offers customers the most complete starter and alternator program in the industry with three premium choices: OE, new and remanufactured. Professional technicians and automotive enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to install starters and alternators for imports that are precision-built to provide the same genuine OE performance as what came on the new vehicle. Popular domestic diesel applications are also available.

Carquest premium new units are engineered for long life and maximum durability, with coverage for nearly every vehicle on the road. Carquest premium remanufactured starters and alternators offer quality, performance, value and pricing advantages that are second to none. So no matter which product the customer chooses – OE, new or remanufactured – they can have the confidence of knowing that the repair will be done right the first time.

Computers, Control Sensors and Modules, Switches and Solenoids

Every engine management product that Carquest sells conforms to true OE-fit, function and performance requirements. Many are supplied by the same companies that build products for a number of the major vehicle manufacturers. To assure that all quality standards are met, every unit is tested and inspected before shipping. The same care is also built into every remanufactured on-board computer unit sold through Carquest.

Windshield Wiper System

Carquest has a wiper blade for every vehicle requirement – from metal to plastic, summer to winter, automotive to heavy-duty. All Carquest Wiper Blades are preassembled and ready to install in seconds. There is no need to sort through a package full of adapters or read through complicated instructions. This easy installation allows professional technicians to save service time and effort. It also enables any automotive enthusiast to change their own wiper blades.

Carquest now sells an advanced wiper blade design that represents the future of the wiper industry in both performance and styling. With the launch of NeoForm® blades from Trico, Carquest has a superior beam blade for the super-premium wiper customer. In fact, the beam-style blade is expected to be the dominant blade on new vehicles by 2008. Carquest also carries a full line of quality wiper system components like motors, pumps, hoses and cleaner fluids.

Lighting: Headlamps, Bulbs, Fuses, Flashers

Carquest lighting products are guaranteed to match the highest-quality OE-or-better components available. Carquest Sealed-Beam Headlamps feature application-specific glass lenses and a nonreflective bottom shelf for increased performance in rain, snow and fog. They also have a service life of up to three times longer than other headlamps.

Carquest Halogen Capsules are built with computer-aligned filaments to assure precise alignment and optimum light output. They can last up to six times longer than standard capsules.

Carquest TruView Headlamps are the first headlamps to provide a truer, whiter light than conventional halogen beams. TruView headlamps provide exceptional forward visibility without projecting the offensive (and potentially dangerous) glare commonly associated with high-intensity discharge (HID) systems and high-mounted headlamps.

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