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Engine System

Carquest provides a full line of engine system components that match or exceed the specifications of original equipment (OE). Today, Carquest is an industry leader when it comes to the breadth, depth and quality of our engine system products and our ability to deliver them to our customers in an accurate and timely manner.


Carquest offers engines that are supplied by the world’s largest distributor of import and domestic remanufactured engines, cylinder heads, crank kits, turbochargers and specialty tools. They provide technicians with a consistent supply of quality products, top-notch technical support and exceptional customer service. Advances in vehicle technology are not just limited to engine performance, emission controls and electronic components. To ensure the best product available, Carquest’s engines are built using all new

OEM-quality components including pistons, rings, valves, main bearings, rod bearings, cam bearings, valve lifters, timing chains, oil pumps, and all gaskets and seals required for installation. Engines sold by Carquest are dyno-tested, ensuring maximum durability, longer life, and better engine performance.

Engine Components

Rebuilding an engine properly and efficiently demands the right components at the right time. Carquest offers OE-or-better-quality engine components, cylinder heads, crankshaft kits and engine overhaul kits for thousands of applications.

Carquest Engine Kits include everything required for complete engine rebuilds: cam bearings, pistons, rings, rod bearings, main bearings, a complete set of gaskets, new or rebuilt camshafts, timing chains, lifters, oil pumps and more. When it comes to complete engine rebuilding, Carquest customers also have unequalled access to a wide range of high-performance engine kits, new no-core cylinder heads and crankshafts including import, heavy-duty, marine and agricultural applications.

Carquest’s engine components program allows commercial customers to special order everything needed for the repair over the phone with FedEx priority shipping available at the industry’s best rates.

Timing Components

Carquest offers quality timing chains, belts and components that are designed to deliver precise timing and long service life. The teeth are designed and built to achieve precision tolerance for pitch, width and length for a perfect mesh with pulley grooves. Carquest timing component construction ensures consistent performance and long life in the hot, oily environment found in the crowded vehicle engine compartment.

Carquest Timing Belt Component Kits include pretensioners and idler pulleys that are vehicle-specific. They are manufactured to meet critical OE-form, fit and function criteria demanded by both professional technicians and automotive enthusiasts. Carquest offers timing component applications for both import and domestic brands alike, which carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Gaskets and Seals

Carquest Gaskets are manufactured and supplied by the largest supplier of sealing technology in the world. One gasket doesn’t fit them all. This is why a unique application engineering process is employed, selecting the best gasket material for a given application. Carquest Gaskets provide OE-form, fit and function, matching the gaskets that were installed at the factory.

Carquest Gaskets also offer the most complete line of sealing products available in the market today, with full-line coverage for domestic, import, truck and sport utility vehicles. In addition, hard-to-find performance, marine, heavy-duty and agricultural applications are readily available through Carquest Vision.

Filters and Motor Oil

Maintaining clean and consistent air, fuel and motor oil flow to critical components demands filtering contaminants down to microscopic size. With Carquest’s advanced filter media innovations, your customers can be assured of unequaled component protection, performance and value. Carquest offers a full line of high-efficiency filters for virtually all passenger cars, light trucks, heavy-duty trucks, buses and off-highway vehicles.

Quality motor oils used in today’s vehicles have established standards that define critical minimum requirements. Whether using conventional oils or synthetics, if the vehicle is to operate properly and safely and have a normal service life, it must use fluids that meet or exceed required Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards. All Carquest quality automotive motor oils are designed to resist high-temperature degradation, to promote easy engine turnover during all temperature ranges, to enable free flow to engine components when cold and to provide superior protection against engine wear.

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