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Carquest Engine Performance & Emissions Control Systems


Engine Performance & Emissions Control Systems

It has never been more challenging to accurately diagnose problems with today’s complex engine performance and emissions control systems. It is equally critical to recommend and install the right, high-quality components quickly and efficiently.

Carquest provides unmatched coverage for engine performance and emissions control systems with greater depth, breadth and quality than any other resource now on the market.

Computers, Sensors and Modules, Switches and Solenoids

Using only high-quality products and performing exacting diagnostic routines lead to proper repairs, maximum fuel economy and more satisfied customers. Every engine management component that Carquest sells conforms to true OE-fit, function and performance requirements. Many are supplied by the same companies that build products for a number of the major new vehicle manufacturers. To assure that all quality standards are met, every unit is tested and inspected before shipping. The same care is also built into every remanufactured on-board computer unit sold through Carquest.

Distributors, Distributor Caps and Rotors

Carquest Distributor Caps and Rotors supply the ultimate in quality, value and performance for maximum customer satisfaction. They are constructed of composite polyester to provide more insulating capacity, resulting in a higher resistance to ignition breakdown. Customers have a choice of new or premium remanufactured distributors from Carquest.

New distributors provide the convenience and value of having the cap and rotor already installed. All electronic components in the distributor are factory-tested and carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Ignition Wire

Carquest Premium Ignition Wires deliver the quality and technology needed to provide superior engine performance. The ignition wires are identical in fit, function, color and performance to original equipment. These are the same products that are supplied to Ford, Nissan, Chrysler, Honda and other global OE customers. OE quality means faster installation, exact fit, ultimate performance, long-lasting wear and, most importantly, repairs that are done right the first time.

Spark Plugs

Using vehicle-specific spark plugs assures maximum fuel burn in the cylinders, improving performance and fuel economy while reducing emissions. There are a number of major OE spark plug suppliers, and Carquest offers them all. No matter what technology is required, the customer can always be assured of spark plug quality, value and application-specific coverage.

Fuel Injection

Carquest offers the most comprehensive fuel injection program in the industry. Today’s professional technicians and automotive enthusiasts expect and demand exact replacement fuel injectors as required. To meet this high standard of OE form, fit and function, Carquest Fuel Injectors are OE-matched for type, spray pattern, body style, color and performance. Carquest also offers a comprehensive line of fuel-injection repair and replacement components ranging from pressure regulators to O-rings to system-cleaning chemicals, tools and equipment.

Fuel Pumps

Many surveys have concluded that professional technicians prefer to install quality module assemblies over the standard electric fuel pump. The all-in-one assembly reduces installation time while assuring proper electrical circuit connections and not having to do the repair twice. Carquest premium fuel pumps provide OE appearance, fit, performance and reliability compared to other products on the market, because they are supplied by the major OE manufacturers.

Gas / Fuel Caps

A gas/fuel cap performs three very important functions today: safety of the vehicle’s occupants, fuel economy and emissions reduction. Carquest offers OE-style gas caps that meet or exceed all OE performance and safety standards. They always fit properly, maintain required fuel system pressure and preserve a clean and closed environment. Carquest gas/fuel cap coverage is second to none in the aftermarket, with many first-to-market applications available.

Oxygen Sensors

Carquest sells only premium-quality oxygen sensors manufactured by original-equipment suppliers. In many cases, they are the same unit that was installed at the factory. Carquest Oxygen Sensors offer exact OE fit, quality and durability, with coverage for virtually every make and model built. Carquest Oxygen Sensors always meet or exceed OE specifications and are function-tested at the factory to conform to exacting quality standards.

Exhaust Pipes and Mufflers

Carquest Exhaust Pipes and Mufflers are engineered to OE specifications and precision tolerances for better fit and performance. These mufflers are top quality, heavy-duty constructed with 100% aluminized materials for extended life. Wrapped shells provide a durable muffler that is designed to supply a quiet ride. Broad coverage means increased service opportunities, whether the technician is working on an import or domestic application. Carquest also has a full line of accessories to do complete repairs, including pipes, hangers, clamps and tools.

Catalytic Converters

OE-fit catalytic converters supplied by Carquest are manufactured from high-quality materials designed to meet current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission requirements. They come from the factory with warranties that meet or exceed all federal standards. Carquest provides the industry’s most comprehensive product coverage, including all makes and models of vehicles in standard-duty, heavy-duty and super-duty applications. To complete the line, Carquest also has universal and pre-cat converters as well as accessories.

Fuses, Relays and Circuit Breakers

Fuses, relays and circuit breakers play a critical role in protecting and directing electricity throughout the vehicle. This is why only OE-quality products are offered through Carquest. They are factory-tested and inspected for consistent function, durability and reliability in all possible temperature conditions before going into a Carquest box.

Air, Fuel and Oil Filters

Maintaining clean and consistent air, fuel and lubrication flow to critical components demands the filtering of contaminants down to microscopic size. With Carquest’s advanced filter media innovations, your customers can be assured of unequalled component protection, performance and value. Carquest offers a full line of high-efficiency filters for virtually all passenger cars, light trucks, heavy-duty trucks, buses and off-highway vehicles.

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