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Carquest is dedicated to providing customers with the most comprehensive, OE-based air conditioning compressor program in the industry. Carquest works closely with industry-leading suppliers to provide superior coverage, consistently competitive pricing and “first to market” availability on a wide range of new compressors. On nearly every application, Carquest can offer a compressor that is identical to the compressor that came on the vehicle when it rolled off the assembly line. That means exact OE form, fit, function and quality is assured. And for customers requiring a remanufactured compressor, Carquest has a full line of quality products including specialty and hard-to-find import applications.

Condensers & Evaporators

Carquest condensers meet or exceed OE specifications for performance and durability. All-aluminum construction assures maximum service life on the latest technology condensers, including serpentine, parallel flow and expanded tube. Advanced computer-aided design (CAD) produces precision products through the entire manufacturing process.

Carquest evaporators are supplied by the same manufacturers as the products installed on many new vehicles, and feature extensive domestic and import coverage. Professional technicians especially appreciate Carquest’s OE-fit advantage and ease of installation.

Accumulators, Receiver-Driers and In-Line Filters

Carquest offers the broadest aftermarket coverage on accumulators and receiver-driers available for both domestic and import vehicles. They conform to the strictest OE form, fit and function, and are suitable for both R-12 and R-134a applications.

Refrigerant Lines & Hoses

Carquest refrigerant hose assemblies use only high-quality OE-type barrier hose and fittings to minimize refrigerant loss while assuring protection from outside contamination. Carquest also provides a full line of bulk refrigerant hose, crimping tools, fittings, couplers and repair kits designed to help technicians fabricate their own hose assemblies.

Refrigerant, Oil & Chemicals

Complete air conditioning system repair requires quality chemical products. Carquest fills this need with a wide selection of retail and professional choices. From refrigerant to PAG oils, leak detection dye to system flush, everything needed to get the air conditioning system working properly and maintain it is available. Carquest’s total coverage includes system service kits, tools and equipment.

Belts & Tensioners

Carquest supplies V-ribbed belts that outperform other belts on the market because they are truncated (shorter). This shorter profile gives Carquest Micro V Belts increased flexibility, reduces heat buildup and allows them to operate at extra-high speeds. Specially designed to replace OE serpentine belts, Carquest Micro V Belts are highly resistant to damage.Carquest automatic belt tensioners are application-specific and OE-equivalent or better in both performance and fit.Full-line coverage means more sales opportunities, reduced warranties and fewer costly comebacks.

Cabin Air Filters

Carquest offers a full-coverage line of high-efficiency cabin air filters for passenger cars, and light and heavy-duty trucks. They are constructed of a superior particulate filter medium that assures a supply of fresh clean air to the passenger compartment. There is also a select offering of carbon-impregnated filters that help in reducing internal and external odors.

Radiators & Coolant

From the smallest import car to heavy-duty trucks, Carquest has industry-leading radiator application coverage for more than 95% of the automotive, light truck and SUV applications on the road today. Carquest provides the performance and durability you’ve come to expect in a top-quality replacement radiator.They are not just copies of other designs, but are designed and developed with enhanced quality and performance standards that meet or exceed all OE form, fit and function specifications for greater customer satisfaction.

Water Pumps

Carquest offers complete coverage for domestic and imported vehicles with both new and remanufactured water pumps. Manufactured with OE-quality components and 100% factory tested, each new water pump meets or exceeds all OE specifications. For customers requiring a remanufactured water pump, Carquest provides products that feature unitized ceramic seal assemblies and ball/ball or ball/roller bearings as specified by OEMs for like-new performance and durability.

Coolant Hose

Carquest offers its customers the most comprehensive automotive hose coverage in the industry. OE-style coolant hoses are constructed of a newelectrochemically resistant EPDM rubberthat provides improved performance characteristics over standard rubber hose. This re-engineered, premium-quality EPDM material helpsprevent vacuum collapse and reduces the causesof tube cracking and unexpected hose failure, assuring maximum performance and long service life.

Thermostats & Caps

Carquest offers a wide array of vehicle specific temperature range thermostats for passenger cars, light-duty trucks and heavy-duty trucks. They are engineered to provide enhanced durability and precision. Each thermostat goes through a manufacturing and testing process that is rigidly controlled for world-class quality and performance. Every Carquest radiator cap is made of heavy-gauge metal that is corrosion-resistant, assuring a long service life and a precise control of cooling system pressure.

Heater Cores

The Carquest heater core program provides comprehensive, full-line coverage for over 95% of the light-duty vehicles on the road. Carquest heater cores assure easy installation, precise fit and superior quality. With new aluminum alloy construction for thousands of domestic and import cars and light trucks, Carquest heater cores feature louvered-fin designs, high-efficiency cores and extra-strength tube supports for unequaled performance.

Blower Motors and Wheels

Carquest Blower Motors and Wheels are designed to move the air required for ventilation, heating and air conditioning quietly and efficiently, with minimum use of power. High-quality materials and modern design provide space- and weight-efficient motors capable of long, maintenance-free life and very low noise emissions. They are specially constructed for continuous operation and come equipped with permanently lubricated, self-aligning bearings for long life and dependable performance.

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