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Steering and Suspension Systems

Carquest provides a full line of steering and suspension system components that match or exceed the specifications of original equipment (OE). Today, Carquest is an industry leader when it comes to the breadth, depth and quality of our steering and suspension system products and our ability to deliver them to our customers in an accurate and timely manner.

Suspension Components

Carquest suspension products feature innovative and specific problem-solving designs that are the perfect choice for professional technicians and automotive enthusiasts. They consistently deliver long life and dependability by improving on OE technologies, providing easy-to-install products and leading-edge technology. Many of Carquest's suspension products also use powdered-metal gusher bearings with grease grooves that resist wear better than conventional designs. These designs allow grease to flow through the bearing to the stud, providing a smooth, durable surface that extends service life.

Rack and Pinion

Carquest remanufactured rack-and-pinion products have been re-engineered to prevent typical OE component design failure. Each unit is hydraulically tested for correct flow, seal strength, pressure and output, ensuring like-new performance. Rack-and-pinion sleeves are installed using an exclusive bonding process to ensure sleeve adherence. A prime feature of the Carquest rack-and-pinion program is extensive coverage including late-model applications and hard-to-find Magnasteer and Electronic Variable Orifice (EVO) units.

Power Steering Components

Carquest sets the standard in remanufactured power steering pumps and steering gears. From precision-ground components to the latest OEM seal technology, every Carquest Power Steering Unit is re-engineered to eliminate and correct the OE faults. "Better than New" power steering product quality is guaranteed by following QS9000 Certified processes including 100% pressure testing at all RPM ranges. All power steering reservoirs are also tested to ensure against fluid leakage.

Power Steering Hoses and Fluid

OEM-type power steering hose assemblies go through extensive field examination and testing to ensure correct fit. They are sold complete with factory-installed end fittings, brackets, sensor ports, sheathing, bushings and grommets. Low-pressure return line assemblies have factory-installed, pre-bent, coupled end fittings where specified by OEM. Bulk power steering return line hose is also available, allowing "custom fit" assembly for quick installation.

Shocks and Struts

Carquest provides a full line of shocks and struts for replacement, upgrade and performance applications. This comprehensive coverage is supported by the world's largest OE supplier. All Carquest Shocks and Struts are built with the same key design features: seamless working cylinders, seamless mounts and sleeves, bonded bushings and micro-smooth triple-plated chrome shafts. The simplified Carquest ride control program offers customers who want to restore their vehicle's original ride an OE replacement and, in most cases, one upgrade choice for those drivers who seek performance over and above OE. This makes it easy for our stores and commercial customers to look up, suggest and purchase the right products for the vehicle.

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